3 years of PIPECODES!

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3 years of PIPECODES!

Last Wednesday, April 6th, 2022, we arrived at the time when we celebrate 3 years of PIPECODES!

As we have always been concerned to transmit, we are a company that seeks digital transformation, besides always taking the values of technological innovation as the engine of our work.

But, besides that, PIPECODES always emphasizes that the most important thing to make this engine work is the people who are part of our team. That’s why we have gathered the whole group (literally from North to South of Portugal) for a face-to-face event, to celebrate 3 years of PIPECODES in Évora!

Whenever we have the opportunity, especially on special dates like this, we get our team together to have a good time, sharing experiences, new skills, good humor, and team spirit.

This time, to celebrate, we participated in an outdoor activity in Évora, where PIPECODES’s headquarters is located, where we split into two groups that throughout the day had to accomplish tasks and uncover clues about local culture, gastronomy, among others. It was a great way to spend time together.

3 Years of PIPECODES!

So, on this important date for our company, we could not fail to congratulate and thank all the people who are part of our team and especially our Partners, Clients, who work with us to make them happen in the best possible way.

During the year, as a general balance, we had some activities that helped generate new soft skills for the team, we have been able to work with new projects from different areas, which is amazing for our experience in the technology market, which is very vast. The combination of challenging clients, large projects, and new challenges, combined with a hardworking and extremely professional team, allows us to continue to grow and evolve more and more. If we look back, we started with a team of 3 elements, today we are already 19, who knows how many we will be next year!

We hope that our next year will be as successful, with lots of teamwork, as it has been so far! 💙

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