5G is the fifth generation of mobile phone technology which, while already revolutionary and has greatly changed the way we all use and enjoy the facilities that this technology brings, 5G brings a breakthrough that is truly transformative. And in this article, we are demystifying 5G!

For this technology, 5G has much faster mobile data speeds meaning better use of streaming platforms, cloud data storage, downloading larger files that previously took about 6 minutes to download now the time is about 15 seconds, as well as using wide channels in parts with very low chances of overloading, reduced delay in data processing, and greater ability to connect more devices to each other. 

As for what else can be expected from this technology, besides faster connection speeds, 5G improves and brings the benefits of a more efficient network, helping a lot in everyday life with the need for Internet access, especially during peak hours and the whole of these benefits associated with 5G technology, increases productivity, cost savings and emergence of disruptive solutions consequently, generates new business.

Experts say that 5G opens a path to devices that communicate with each other while expending little energy on services. Three of the areas of the technology market that 5G will bring the most benefits in the gaming industry, are Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, where the latter two need a network with lower cost to the user and lots of processing power.

But what are Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality? 

They are two technological revolutions that are very closely linked. Virtual Reality allows us to create a virtual world in the way we want. Augmented Reality brings virtual elements to this universe, graphics, images, etc…

These are some cases where Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will be used in 5G:

  1. Streaming content, like this, is a trend that is increasing more and more in our routine, both for entertainment and for work. Speed is very important;
  2. Virtual Reality streaming in lives on social networks, as well as making personal or business calls on these platforms;
  3. New video formats that will make Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences more didactic, such as geotagging recorded sounds and images;
  4. Advances in Augmented Reality glasses, there will be the ability to rent cameras from the devices to be used in security and surveillance systems; 
  5. In the Automotive Area, there is great consumer interest in augmented reality windshields and windows;
  6. Maps with augmented reality in games, as well as cloud and virtual reality games;
  7. Smart home with 5G TV. Early warning systems with, connected robots;
  8. Shopping and communication, simultaneous translation, payment with facial recognition in 5G.

It is because of these advantages that we need technology that can keep up with our daily personal and professional needs, which are becoming more demanding with each passing year. 5G brings that efficiency we need to do our jobs better. 

It is important that we can be aware of new technologies and their benefits and start investing in improvements for our business or even our personal lives. 

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