PIPECODES the start-up that grew 200% in a year, presents a new image, and launches new products on the market.

PipeCodes Press Release
PIPECODES grew and rebranding

An important milestone for the company, which is reflected in the current branding and other news!

With a growth of over 200% in the last 12 months, service exports already represented 50% of the start-up’s turnover. This growth reflects the recognition of companies with which PIPECODES has the opportunity to collaborate, from market leaders in the corresponding countries (mainly in the health area) to small and medium-sized companies (SME’s). The customized approach to each business model strongly contributes to the growth of the portfolio of customers and partners and to face it, the company tripled its team! The expectation is that, in the next 12 months, it will have a staff of 30 to 35 employees.

In response to its expansion and evolution in the foreign and national market, the company renewed its corporate image and communication approach, adjusted to a position in the global market. “The rebranding carried out represents an important milestone in the company’s evolution, boosting its presence in the new tech market”, said Fábio Carreto, CEO and Founder of PIPECODES, adding “The disruptive approach to the market and the new image illustrate our ambition in terms of business transformation and creation of value for the client!”.

The new image conveys security and professionalism, and through the symbology used, it reinforces the company’s core business. The digital supports, on the other hand, reflect the company’s technological reality and were optimized to show functional, technical, and operational skills in relevant areas for the future. Among which, artificial intelligence, blockchain, software engineering, e-commerce, mobile applications, and web applications, and specialized consulting!

Go to www.blog.pipecodes.com to explore the company’s new image.

The start-up’s new positioning also aims to leverage the next steps, in terms of new products and new markets. Highlighting:

  • Launch of the Onjuris product, a platform that allows online legal advice to be provided by qualified lawyers;
  • Product launch in the FinTech area, which optimizes the implementation of online payments and other inherent tasks, quickly and securely;
  • Increased customer base in the core areas: healthcare, e-commerce and services;


PIPECODES is a Portuguese start-up in the New Technologies and Digital Transformation sector, which operates in the areas of custom software development, integrated management (Nearshore), and tech solutions (Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, e-Commerce, and Big Data). Created in 2019 and headquartered in Évora, it operates nationally and internationally, with a multidisciplinary team and a disruptive approach to the market.