WooCommerce: Simplifying ecommerce for Businesses

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WooCommerce simplifying ecommerce for business

Being present online and in a multichannel model is one of the strengths your business must have to stand out in the market. More than that, being strongly present online is essential to increase your sales.
And thinking like a merchant, thinking about the structure of your online platform, and providing a convenient, secure shopping experience are very important for the customer.

In this article, we will talk a bit more about the WooCommerce solution, which provides these facilities and benefits, being a complete ecommerce solution based on WordPress.

WooCommerce is a fully customizable WordPress plugin that allows the creation of ecommerce from open-source code. It is possible to create and manage the platform in a simplified way and from the customers’ side, it is possible to provide an intuitive and secure navigation to make payments.

WooCommerce allows you to create a complete ecommerce in an easier way, and it provides a variety of features to boost online sales. Besides being easy to use, the launch process is relatively quick, and the investment is low (compared to other more advanced solutions of course)!

What are the features of the WooCommerce solution?

  • Product Catalog
  • Different payment methods
  • Recover abandoned cart
  • Order tracking
  • Open-source platform management
  • Reports emission
  • Activate Promotions

WooCommerce main Advantages:

  1. Increased online visibility: the platform allows pages to be optimized with SEO and appear in search engines and provide visibility for the company;
  2. Flexibility and customization: with a large number of teams and plugins, WooCommmerce allows a great deal of flexibility and customization according to the merchant’s needs for their online store;
  3. Scalability: no matter the size of your ecommerce business, WooCommerce can scale to accommodate the growth of your platform. It supports large numbers of products and can handle large order volumes;
  4. Simple Usability: you don’t need to know programming to edit the website. The menus are intuitive and super easy to edit.

With this solution, you can have full control over the look and feel of your ecommerce store. With a variety of themes with compatible templates, WooCommerce makes it possible to customize the one that best fits your brand.

A good attraction for customers to make purchases in your ecommerce, without a doubt, is the payment and security options. WooCommerce supports a variety of payment gateways, which are reliable and allow the purchase to be finalized and paid for in a more secure way.

In addition, with this solution, the merchant can easily manage the online store. The administration panel is very intuitive and enables order tracking, stock management, sales report generation, and more. It also provides shipping options such as free delivery, pickup at the store, freight calculation according to the customer’s location, discount coupons, and great loyalty programs to attract and build customer loyalty.

As we have seen, investing in a complete and suitable solution for your ecommerce is to optimize, facilitate, and expand your sales.
Understanding the structure of your platform, and the investment that needs to be made in IT, is essential to assess your business needs, and technical issues, and create more assertive and strategic planning, for the success of your ecommerce.

At PIPECODES, we can help your ecommerce with this transition and other needs that your platform has.