Why good communication is important at work?

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Good communication

As in many areas of our lives, communication and dialogue are essential tools to express ourselves positively and in moments of conflict. It’s no different in the workplace: good communication is essential to achieve productivity, strengthen ties, and make working relationships stronger and more trusting.

In this article, we can discuss more how a team should invest time and energy in clear, trustful, and good communication, and how bad communication causes demotivation, insecurity, and a feeling of devaluation of their work.

Team leaders need to have a sensitive eye to everyone’s behavior, because that way, with more empathy, communication can be used in a way to meet the needs of each person differently. We are diverse and plural people, which means that communication must be used in a “personalized” way in order to achieve the goal, whatever it may be.

With that in mind, you can approach the team in different ways, in varying forms, and through different channels. Understanding the type of co-worker is important in order to use a different type of communication.

Here are some forms of good communication:

  • Informal interactions: in the exchanges and interactions of the work routine, not necessarily a rigid and hard posture is positive for relationships. Informal and lighter communication is a way to build connections and establish trust;
  • Meetings: productive meetings are effective and avoid misinterpretations;
  • Leadership communication: this type of communication encourages, inspires, and generates commitment from employees. This happens a lot through the conversations and stories that leaders share with the team.

It is important to remember that communication is not only verbal!

Why you should improve your communication skills?

  • Better results – with a high level of engagement in company tasks and projects, the productivity rate increases;
  • Team valorization – when people are motivated and valued, it brings more energy and commitment from the team;
  • Greater loyalty to the company – strengthening the company’s bonds and values through dialogue gives employees a greater sense of belonging;
  • Lower conflict rate – building good communication avoids misunderstandings and toxic relationships.

How well do you communicate with your coworkers? What are the best ways to have a good dialog with everyone?

4 ways to promote a better dialogue:

  1. Manage expectations: having clear goals and objectives, is the start for everyone to be well aligned;
  2. Getting the message across clearly: being too prolix and beating around the bush is not a good strategy for clear communication;
  3. Talk to everyone involved: giving the complete information to everyone equally is a facilitator for the understanding of the message;
  4. Show empathy: communication is a two-way street, and showing solidarity with the other is a vote of confidence and openness to dialogue.

In addition to these ways to have a better dialogue with your co-workers, it’s important to think about how we can develop our communication skills in the workplace.

Develop your communication skills:

  • Simplify – finding simple and clear ways is always the best way to good communication;
  • Pay attention to body language – making eye contact, and having a calm and relaxed facial expression is an open door to dialogue;
  • Diversify – testing different types of communication is important to find the one that works best;
  • Reflect – thinking about what you want to communicate, with whom, and how before doing so is paramount to avoid rushing into communication.

When communication is not done in the best way, it will probably generate conflict. For better conflict management within your work environment, it is first important to recognize that we all have different perspectives, eventually, what we need is to keep an open mind to listen, reflect and position ourselves in front of people’s issues.

An environment with soft, clear, and empathetic communication is definitely what people are looking for in their workplaces today. Good leaders promote and encourage healthy conflicts and discussions that unite all sides. Investing in a better form of dialogue is, for sure, the best option.

How do you improve dialogue and conflict management in the workplace?

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