Ecommerce allows companies to reach more of their audience, to have more visibility and brand recognition, and be able to identify more accurately and more effectively. This business model provides a possibility of business expansion, even for the smallest companies, to drastically reduce the costs associated with formerly manual operations. This can be made from the Ecommerce Automation processes, optimizing them through online store optimization with SEO, automatic customs taxes calculations, and label generation, among others.

Business is now available anywhere at any time. Thus allowing a cost reduction with everything that is inherent to a physical store.

See some Ecommerce advantages:

  • It is possible to analyze the path of customers on the site;
  • Personalizing the shopping experience
  • Greater brand exposure;
  • Better communication with the target audience;
  • Lower cost for the company;
  • Greater automation of processes and tasks.

And taking that into account, we cannot obviously forget, all the potential of Ecommerce Automation! Have you ever imagined what your day-to-day would be like if you didn't have to repeat hundreds, if not thousands, of tasks? That's what ecommerce automation is all about!

But what is Ecommerce Automation, after all?

It is the use of software that converts tasks, processes, customer service, or campaigns into automated workflows. These are later executed automatically and intelligently, whenever necessary. Thus, many of the process steps happen in a more powerful and precise way, allowing managers to adopt even more efficient marketing strategies.

Ecommerce Automation

Processes that must be closely monitored:

  • Purchase and return
  • Customer service
  • Order preparation and shipping
  • Returning an order
  • Updating website content
  • Sending newsletters

Having these processes in mind, as well as others that the company may have in the flow, in order to generate management and performance improvements, automating them is necessary. This means optimizing manual processes for other areas that have this need.

When ecommerce is not created with automation already in place, it is important that it is mapped out, tested, and optimized. But it is notorious for the speed and growth of the business when automation is defined in project creation.

9 examples of Ecommerce Automation:

  1. Integration between the company's software and the online store – allows information to be transferred between systems and stock management;
  2. Welcome emails – Sending emails whenever new customers create an account in your store;
  3. Customer segmentation – Ability to analyze customer profiles such as product reference, gender, and age…;
  4. Marketplaces – Greater profitability of resources and available stock;
  5. Payments – Reduction of errors and ensures greater traceability of information;
  6. Advertising and Stock Levels –  Whenever products are out of stock, alert marketing teams to pause advertising;
  7. Scheduled sales and discounts – Price changes (decrease or increase) and promotions defined for predetermined periods of time;
  8. Inventory update – Unpublish products automatically when they are out of stock and republish when they are back in stock;
  9. Abandoned cart recovery – Whenever the customer has items in the cart but leaves the site without completing the purchase. A reminder email or a reduced validity discount can be sent.

Automation is the present and future of all businesses (in all areas!). It allows the companies to be more efficient, and for the managers, more time to dedicate themselves to what really matters: business growth.

What are the key benefits of Ecommerce Automation?

  • Save time and money
  • Greater team involvement and productivity
  • Customer fidelity
  • Simplified logistics and deliveries
  • Reduction of human and manual error

Now that you've read about the potential of ecommerce automation, you should already have several ideas on how to implement them in your store! And the possibilities are endless!

Did you already implement any of these tools in your business? 

With PIPECODES we can help you to automate your ecommerce!

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