The importance of Employer Branding and Happiness at work

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Happiness at work

In a company, it is essential that among its values, maintaining a good environment and increasing employee engagement is one of the main ones. Taking the team’s wellness into account and valuing employees makes it potentialize and reinforces the importance of Employer Branding and Happiness at work.

But what is Employer Branding?

Employer Branding is essentially the image that people have of the company. It is important to say that this image is not necessarily only perceived by the people who work in the company, but it is important that this image extends beyond the company.

Some positive aspects for the welfare of the team with employee benefits, compensation policies, and vacation guidelines are some important factors that make the employees have a good relationship with the company and pass on the feeling of welfare to other people.

There is a lot of talk about the perception that consumers have of a brand and how important this is for the strengthening of the brand. For a company, employer branding is very important that this image is strengthened within the company, this will define how the company evolves and grows in the market.

Besides the importance of the image the company provides to its employees and their well-being, the importance of happiness at work contributes both to the employee and to the company maintaining a strong and well-structured team, where people love what they do and this reflects on everyone’s results.

How companies can promote happiness at work:

  • Keep the company’s talents feeling happy and comfortable for an open dialogue with anyone on the team, moreover, always having the possibility of professional and personal growth;
  • Maintain the productivity and interest of the employees: creates a huge feeling of belonging and pride in the projects developed;
  • Always try to maintain a positive reputation among the company’s staff and clients: both parties need to be happy in order for employer branding to be propagated;
  • Recognizing the work of the people on the team, and providing encouragement wherever possible, makes people motivated and there is a sense of welcome from the company.

At PIPECODES, the biggest goal is to make everyone, without exception, feel happy, and comfortable with dialogue and anything they need. Despite being very successful in making people who are part of the team feel happy and motivated, the main working model at PIPECODES is the remote model. So, besides the concerns about happiness at work, which any company has, we need to think about some practices to make this feeling more consolidated in remote work.

Here are some practices we think are essential for promoting happiness in remote work:

  1. Good communication and open and accessible dialogue between everyone on the team;
  2. A united team regardless of the project they work on;
  3. Value the work and importance of each team member;
  4. Promoting face-to-face meetings and group activities;
  5. A work that respects and encourages personal life in balance with professional life.

A work environment where people feel comfortable and open to dialogue, feel valued, and have the possibility to grow, without a doubt is an environment where happiness drives productivity and joint growth. And happy people make our hearts full. 💙

Does your company invest in Employer Branding?
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