The impact of PIM on the Customer Experience

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The impact of PIM on the Customer Experience

As the ecommerce market becomes increasingly competitive, we know that having technology as an allay is no longer a point of difference, but the foundation for ecommerce success.
With a large amount of information about products online, it’s important to know how to manage this content in a clear, secure way that adds value and, above all, promotes a great customer experience.

In this article, we’ll discuss how the PIM (Product Information Management) impacts and brings benefits to the customer experience in ecommerce.

So what is PIM?

Product Information Management is a solution that enables companies to manage and distribute information about their products. This information includes technical details, specifications, prices, images, descriptions, and other relevant data. Remember that one of the keys to a good customer experience in ecommerce is to have as much information as possible about what they are looking for, which is why PIM is so widely used.
With PIM it is possible to provide accurate, consistent and up-to-date product information and other advantages.

The main benefits of PIM:

  1. Organization and consistency of data: companies can avoid differences in product descriptions and specifications, making all the information unified and very clear to the customer;
  2. Increased sales and reduced returns: correct and reliable product information creates an influence and emotional connection between the brand and the customer. When products are presented in detail, it increases the conversion rate and attracts potential customers;
  3. Personalization, and segmentation: enriching product information makes it possible to personalize the service, which contributes to a pleasant experience;
  4. Automation of tasks: the solution allows the team to spend less time on manual tasks, such as organizing products, details, and information in general, which improves operational efficiency;
  5. Omnichannel alignment: PIM facilitates omnichannel access to align all information across all customer contact platforms. This creates an integrated and cohesive experience for the consumer;
  6. Building trust: the consistency of product information, combined with transparency, is essential for building trust with the consumer – the clearer and more varied the information, the greater the customer’s satisfaction.

In addition to all the benefits mentioned before, as companies seek to provide more engaging shopping experiences, PIM also includes the analysis of product performance data, customer feedback, and a manager for all aspects involving the product.
In this context, two key partners that play essential roles are ChannelAdvisor and Feedonomics. Both offer solutions to integrate sales channels, automate processes, analyze performance, and provide a clear overview of ecommerce.

Other ways in which PIM impacts on the consumer experience:

  • Personalization: using data stored in PIM, it is possible to understand consumers’ individual preferences, thus offering recommendations for each customer profile;
  • Quick and dynamic updates: that allow you to keep up with changes in trends, launches and adjustments to existing products;
  • Visual and content enrichment: with PIM it is possible to include high-quality images, and even explanatory videos. Visual descriptions are generally more captivating and attractive;
  • Easy search and navigation: with information organized in a structured way, PIM makes it easy to search and navigate, which makes the experience more intuitive;
  • Improved customer service: with up-to-date information, it helps service representatives to have access to reliable data in order to respond quickly.

Benefits of PIM Solution

In summary, PIM has a great influence on keeping your ecommerce up to date and offering a differentiated experience for users. Adopting customer-focused strategies through PIM is undoubtedly investing in a relationship of trust, transparency and the long term, as well as standing out in the market and remaining competitive.

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