The Challenges of Remote Work

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Remote Work

The business market has grown and changed a lot, as have the relationships and forms of work. Today, happiness at work allied to the good quality of a productive working day is what really matters, above any traditional way of working.
For this reason, remote work has become increasingly common and a great option for companies that would like to combine these issues of quality of work and productivity, but of course, like everything, companies also face the challenges of remote work.

Firstly, remote work is a modality where the name already says it: it is not necessary to be physically in the company to perform the work. This way, practicality, the economy of resources, the flexibility of schedules, and an increase in work quality and productivity are prioritized, always, of course, thinking of the best for the employee and his well-being so that he can do his work in the best way.
Even though remote work is more flexible in terms of work environment, it takes a lot of organization and a good environment to perform the function as expected. In PIPECODES, remote work has always been a reality, since we have people from several parts of Portugal in our team, besides all the benefits already mentioned above. But of course, it is totally open to anyone who wants to be able to work on a hybrid regime.

PIPECODES, has a first concern with the welfare of all who are part of the team, that everyone is happy doing what they do, and have the flexibility to do their personal activities and this be a fuel of encouragement for everyone to perform their skills at work in the best way and this is what happens until today.
We put a lot of effort into trying together to overcome the barrier that distance brings us and some of the challenges that remote work poses. Some of these challenges involve managing and monitoring the team’s work, maintaining good communication and unity among everyone, and fostering motivation and joy in people.

PIPECODES Happiness at work

We have a team that is extremely united and knows like few others how to work as a group, but it is clear that for this to happen we need some practices to overcome the challenges of remote work:

  1. Maintain a routine with everyone on the team – We have weekly meetings so that everyone can talk a bit about different subjects, such as experiences and personal stories, which becomes a very relaxed moment.
  2. Integration activities – On some commemorative dates, we all get together in the company’s headquarters city to do some group activity;
  3. The team is open to dialog – Everyone on the team, regardless of their position, is very approachable and open to dialog, and everyone has a feeling of empathy and helping each other;
  4. Using online tools – besides helping in the productivity of the work, makes the physical distance easily overcome, by the fact that we use tools that allow us to be connected daily.

Although there are some challenges in remote work, we believe that there are a few practices that can keep a team together with great results.

Some Remote Work Tips – For the COMPANY:

  • Identify and clarify the purpose and importance of the team;
  • Provide and promote a healthy and happy organizational environment;
  • Communicate a lot! Communication will always be the “secret”;
  • Prioritize the safety and well-being of the team. Worry about their comfort;
  • Trust. The basis of any relationship is trust, and work is no exception;
  • Organize team-building activities and events, also in person;
  • It is worth reinforcing: always keep in touch with the team, good communication is the big key to a job well done and a more pleasant interpersonal environment.

Some Remote Work Tips – For the TEAM:

  • Establish some rules for the space where you work;
  • Creates a pleasant, airy environment with natural light;
  • Define a routine for your day-to-day;
  • Organize your activities and break tasks down into small actions;
  • Don’t isolate yourself, keep talking to your colleagues and other people;
  • Stay active through regular sports;
  • Having breaks is also important to clear your mind;

Despite the challenges that can come with remote work, it’s important to be open-minded and receptive to out-of-the-box approaches. After all, what matters most is the well-being and happiness of the entire team 💙

Do you like working remotely? What do you value most?
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