PipeCodes launches “Onjuris” a LegalTech Product!

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PipeCodes launches "Onjuris"

Today we introduce you to Onjuris, a platform that allows Lawyers to provide online legal consultation. But first, we’re going to tell you about the LegalTech concept!

It is undeniable the importance of technology as a whole, but especially the digital platforms in our daily lives and how these tools have changed and continue to constantly change our lifestyles and the way we perform our tasks.

With the advancement of technology and information coming faster and faster to those who are connected and have access to the internet and digital platforms, we are increasingly looking for faster and uncomplicated ways to solve our problems. With the changes in the work models and the possibility of innovation, technology allied with the legal area came together to make legal issues more accessible, efficient, less bureaucratic, easier to understand, and of course, all this done in a very safe way. This union of the two areas is known as LegalTech.

But what is a LegalTech?

This term is used to describe the startups that develop services and products using technology in the legal area. These startups develop practical solutions, as previously mentioned, to facilitate and solve legal issues in different legal areas.

With this opportunity in the market, we have idealized Onjuris an online legal consultation platform that intends to revolutionize the way Lawyers and Clients interact. We thought of the best way to unite technology with the legal area and bring convenience, security where you can have legal solutions and guidance in the palm of your hand.

In a practical, accessible, and very safe way, you can get legal solutions and guidance totally online and from wherever you are.

Here are some Onjuris benefits:

For Lawyers:

  • 100% digital environment
  • Guaranteed payment
  • More qualified leads
  • Transparency and flexible schedules
  • Cybersecurity
  • Platform integration
  • Artificial intelligence

For Clients:

  • Qualified network of Lawyers
  • Direct communication without intermediaries
  • Productive and focused video calls
  • Expertise from multiple areas
  • Quick scheduling
  • Anticipated budget control 
  • No complications and technical terms

Onjuris has competent Lawyers specialized in different legal areas, and they are available on the platform to give their consulting in a simple and secure way.

To access the platform, go to https://www.onjuris.com/ to learn more about the service and register to schedule a meeting with your lawyer.

Check out Onjuris website to know more about this new legal experience!

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