PipeCodes and Two Impulse join forces!

Partnership PipeCodes
PipeCodes and Two Impulse join forces!

The purpose of PipeCodes and Two Impulse to join forces is to cover more business areas and reinforce the international presence of both companies.

We are excited to announce that, after a successful partnership for both sides, Two Impulse acquired a stake of PipeCodes, and we’re now a group, sharing operations (and much more!). The two companies will continue to operate under different brands, but sharing the similar values. One of the main challenges for the beginning of 2023 is the reorganization of the business units involved in this merger, as well as increasing the efficiency of organizations.

But the purpose of this union, goes far beyond that, the group intends to strengthen its presence in the countries where they operate, as well as to reach new markets (geographic and business).

On the other hand, the fact that the two companies have already had a very strong partnership for over 2 years, which was reflected in the rapid growth, also contributed to this decision. The two companies complement each other and together form a stronger organization, with greater geographic reach and more responsiveness. In this way, companies will act together in the market, creating a close synergy between their technical, management and commercial teams. Thus increasing the range of technologies used and business areas, since Two Impulse has Artificial Intelligence as expertise area, and PipeCodes, the development of Ecommerce solutions (with a strong focus on headless commerce).

We join forces, but it goes far beyond that, together we form a stronger organization:

  • Synergy between technical, management and commercial teams
  • Wider range of technologies used
  • Combined business areas: Artificial Intelligence, and eCommerce Solutions (strong focus on headless commerce)

When you mix effort with transparency and humility, and when the teams share these values, the result is a matter of time.
I’m really proud that our team vision and work resulted in a more strong partnership with Two Impulse.
We can now share synergies and reach new markets, focusing specially in Composable and Headless Commerce and Applications.

Fábio Carreto, PipeCodes CEO and Founder.

Digital transformation in companies and businesses continues to show rapid growth, as new technologies and tools also emerge, which contribute to its implementation. In this way, companies can innovate in the products and services provided, offering higher quality to their customers and a faster implementation. Allowing, especially on online businesses, to optimize processes, automate tasks and provide a better shopping experience for the customer. The union between PipeCodes and Two Impulse, allows optimizing processes, provide more data and insights to the customers, and at the same time, offer an even more robust range of services, in the areas of: Data Science, Analytics and Data Engineering algorithms, Digital Transformation, Headless Commerce, and Marketing.

PipeCodes has a great team and are very strong in the E-Commerce and Web Application Development space. We have common values and mission, which is helping our customers be better, faster, and more innovative with technology. This stronger tie with PipeCodes will allow us to focus more on AI, and rely on PipeCodes for Web and E-Commerce topics, while sharing some of our admin and business development functions. Together, we are stronger and will serve our customers better.

Paulo Nunes, Two Impulse CEO and Founder.

Together, we will provide services in more than eight countries (acting globally), adjusting the offer to specific local needs and requirements. What a bright future awaits us, and it will be great to share it with our partners!

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