PIPECODES is thrilled to announce its partnership with Hygraph!

Hygraph is an enterprise-grade federated content platform with content management capabilities at scale. And it is the first CMS focused on Content
Federation, as well as being a separate and independent front-end and back-end API solution.

It enables over 50,000 teams worldwide to deliver their content in a scheduled way. In addition, the features extend to an optimized database with structured content and give content creators the tools to create the complete project.

Hygraph is much more than CMS, as it allows users to connect to any web service or API to extract various data. It is your dashboard where different services and data are from a single API.

Some benefits of Hygraph:

  • Making the system less complex
  • Fast development
  • Flexibility
  • API Playground and GraphQL Explorer
  • High performance
  • Intuitive interface

“It has been a pleasure to work with Hygraph, there is constant communication between us, and we work in a very transparent and professional way. We are looking for partners who identify with our values and who bring value with their knowledge. Hygraph is part of this, by bringing a very innovative Headless CMS technology, which allows us to increase the scalability and customization of our customers businesses.”, said Tiago Fonseca, PIPECODES Business and Partnerships Developer.

Why PIPECODES and Hygraph partnership?

  • Multiple possibilities for technology and UI/ UX integrations;
  • Increased efficiency of the development team;
  • Greater scalability and possibility to manage content for different countries;
  • Flexibility in managing and connecting content due to being a headless CMS;

For PIPECODES it is important and fundamental that the quality of the services is in the first place, and it is not different with our partners. Just like us, Hygraph adapts to market changes according to consumer needs. It enables market leaders to deliver omnichannel product experiences at scale.

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