PIPECODES is thrilled to announce its partnership with Cyango!

Cyango, guides other businesses toward innovation and digital transformation by providing creative and innovative digital solutions.
Through cutting-edge storytelling, virtual reality, and immersive content development across multiple platforms, they help other companies differentiate their brands, businesses, services, or products in highly competitive markets.

Cyango, is driven by strong values such as a continuous search for innovation and creativity, believing that building solid relationships and partnerships helps shape a better future.

From tourism to marketing agencies, ecommerce, brands, and service providers, many businesses work with Cyango, to develop immersive experiences that exceed expectations and transport audiences to a new level.

At PIPECODES, we share the same vision as Cyango to highlight online businesses, increase market reach and invest in customizing customer journeys through immersive experiences.
Therefore, this partnership will be utterly valuable to strengthen both companies and to continue using technology as our ally.

“We continuously seek disruptive approaches and solutions for a constantly evolving and increasingly demanding market.
And Cyango allows us to easily deliver immersive digital experiences. Mainly, with Cyango Cloud Studio, we will meet the needs of various online business industries, and the entire online shopping process.”

Fábio Carreto, PIPECODES, CEO and Founder.

As Cyango's Executive Director mentioned, Cloud Studio is a 360° Video Cloud Editing Software that allows anyone that wants to create immersive digital experiences, plus tools to plan, create and manage content development.

Cyango Cloud Studio's features:

  • Cloud-based editing: the software allows editing 360º videos directly in the cloud (no, you don't need to have prior knowledge of computers or coding);
  • Real-time rendering: the server has high processing power to perform real-time redrawing of edits, allowing users to track changes in real time;
  • Automatic backup: a backup is automatically made on the server, thus keeping the data secure;
  • Customization options: users can customize their experience, scenarios, and plot elements;
  • Sell inside virtual experience: virtual 360º experiences are integrated into Ecommerce, allowing consumers to explore and shop in immersive environments;
  • Share it everywhere: share your virtual story on any platform (website, blog, social media), at any time, and increase your exposure and engagement by reaching audiences across multiple online channels.

What you can create using Cyango Cloud Studio?

  1. Virtual Tours;
  2. House Tours for Real Estate;
  3. 360º Event Live Streaming;
  4. A.I. 360º Generated Panoramas;
  5. 360º Content for Digital Products;
  6. Integrated Online Shopping Experiences.

“To create seamless virtual experiences that generate value for the customers, we need to integrate existing tools to mitigate the pain of digital transition. (…) This partnership between Cyango and PIPECODES is critical to bringing composable and headless commerce integration to digital experiences and virtual storytelling. This first strategic step will integrate e-commerce checkout tools and e-shop integration into our virtual experiences' builder: Cyango Cloud Studio.”

João Rodrigues, Cyango's Executive Director

Why PIPECODES and Cyango partnership?

  • Personalized and Customizable Shopping Experience: enabling ecommerce platforms to offer personalized and customizable shopping experiences that help customers configure and customize products, visualize them in real time, and make informed decisions based on their preferences;
  • Enhanced Product Visualization: Virtual reality (VR) and 3D objects provide an immersive and interactive experience, allowing customers to explore products from different angles, zoom in for close-ups, and get a better understanding of their features and dimensions;
  • Reduced Return Rates: Customers can have a more realistic understanding of products' appearance, dimensions, and functionality, leading to fewer surprises when the product arrives;
  • Enhanced Product Information: Customers can access immersive product tours, interactive guides, and educational content about the product features and usage and help customers make informed decisions and reduce uncertainty during the buying process:
  • Increased Confidence in Purchasing: provides a comprehensive understanding of products' appearance, quality, and functionality, and the ability to experience products virtually in detail and interact with them before making a purchase decision boosts customer confidence;
  • Cost Savings and Sustainability: reduce the need for physical product samples, prototypes, and showrooms, saving costs associated with manufacturing, logistics, and physical space.

In addition, there are many more benefits and, as you can see, the flexibility and power that this technology and immersive experience brings to your online business, is immense!

Do you want to know how this partnership helps boost your business? Send us a message!

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