PIPECODES and Checkout.com partnership!

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PIPECODES and Checkout.com partnership

We are so happy to announce PIPECODES and Checkout.com partnership.
Surely you’ve heard about Checkout.com, an international payment platform that processes different payment methods across a variety of currencies. They serve a wide range of businesses, from medium to large, and offer international coverage with customizable solutions.

Checkout.com has an innovative and extremely professional team, with a disruptive approach to the market. It's been a pleasure getting to know them better and collaborate together!
Fábio Carreto, PIPECODES CEO and Founder.

Some Checkout.com advantages:

  • Integrates different electronic payments;
  • Unified API that evolves with the business and adapts to market changes;
  • Over than 150 most popular currencies and payment methods;
  • Fully transparent view of your payments data and real-time insights;
  • Native team (and with knowledge of the market) in each location;
  • A product as customizable as possible, allowing merchants to integrate it with other infrastructure partners;
  • Fraud detection system and monitoring, based on machine learning;
  • Dedicated relationship manager for each merchant.

Why PIPECODES and Checkout.com partnership?

By joining both know-how, PIPECODES and Checkout.com, together we provide customers with innovative and safe technology, implemented according to each business's needs (and size), thus contributing to greater returns and results. Together, we help your online business to go further

Some benefits of PIPECODES and Checkout.com partnership:

  • Customization of the online store and respective payments;
  • Faster and more reliable payments in over 150 currencies;
  • Secure and fraud-protected payments via web and mobile;
  • A unique and flexible shopping experience with cutting-edge technology;
  • A multidisciplinary team, innovative, and always available to help.

➡️ Learn more about Checkout.com

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