How to choose the best Ecommerce platform for your business?

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As Ecommerce grows, this model and technology have become the main focus for Business to Business (B2B) companies. The goal is very clear: to reach more customers and reduce service costs, and generate more turnover for your business.

In today’s article, we’re going to talk about the advantages of investing in your ecommerce, tools, and factors that you should take into account, and also, the requirements that you should analyze when choosing an Ecommerce platform.

A B2B Ecommerce involves transactions between manufacturer and wholesaler through an online sales channel. And, according to BigCommerce, 35% of B2Bs Businesses believe that investing in Ecommerce must be the priority for the next 12 months and, 54% of distributors, value the best user experience, investing in Business to Consumer (B2C).
And in some cases, business is simultaneously for B2B and B2C markets. Having an Ecommerce platform that can manage both at the same time is a must.

In addition, having an omnichannel experience that is a unified experience in all the company’s reeds, boosts sales and the best experience for the end customer.

Therefore, investing in your B2B Ecommerce brings some advantages:

  1. Higher sales volume
  2. Reduced infrastructure costs
  3. New business opportunities
  4. More information about the customer base
  5. Customized offers for each customer
  6. Greater competitive force

To implement a B2B Ecommerce for the business, one of the first steps, is planning. Understand very well your business, the market, goals, and actions, in addition to identifying the differentials and how the online performance will be.

A second step is to identify a good partner and developer to work on the platform, train the teams, have options for payment methods, and ensure that the website can handle high volumes of orders, especially on commemorative dates and holidays like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas, to keep and support as many customers as possible.

Which factors make a B2B platform stand out and make it great?

  • Provide flexible payment options
  • Integrating customer data through reliable APIs
  • Help customers find products with personalized search and navigation
  • Provide high-quality product images
  • Flexible shipping options
  • Easy-to-navigate online catalogs
  • Real-time stock availability
  • Customer service via chat

Knowing all these needs for a high-performing Ecommerce platform, we are sure that BigCommerce B2B Headless Commerce is the best option.
Headless architecture brings flexibility and removes the link between the front-end and back-end, and the site contents can be changed instantly without affecting the back-end structure.

Which factors make a B2B platform stand out and make it great?

  • User-friendly – the navigation in the platform should be straightforward and intuitive;
  • Matched to your needs – be aware if the platform you are using forces you to make concessions to a better customer experience, such as multiple payment method options;
  • Flexible platform – the Ecommerce should keep up with the growth of the company and be ready to handle large flows;
  • Security – keeping company and customer data secure really is an essential factor in building trust between company and customer.

In addition, our development, together with the BigCommerce variety of B2B features and complements, provides a unique Ecommerce experience in the market.

Eight features that are indispensable when choosing a B2B Ecommerce:

  1. Easy enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration
  2. Company profiles, present the payment terms and locations of each buyer
  3. Payment terms, assign payment terms automatically
  4. Customer accounts, customize and automate the customer experience with payment methods and wholesale discounts
  5. Access controls and permissions, through an Admin account
  6. Scalability, choose a platform that grows with your business
  7. Multi-store, multilanguage and multicurrency, especially if you manage multinational brands
  8. Technical support, giving fast and effective feedback to solve any platform problems

There are many B2B Ecommerce platforms available in the market for you to choose from before you set to work on your online business. And above all, with the help of a supplier that supports you throughout the entire process, knows your requirements, and customizes the flows in the way you imagined.
Had you thought before about how important it was to invest in your B2B Ecommerce platform?

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