FINTECH: What is it? How can we use it?

Fintech - what is it

With the advance of technology in all business sectors and needs that a group may have, the work with the technology needed to be divided into niches so that research and development could be done for the specific area. Therefore, companies use Fintech technology to solve their needs and help improve and optimize the processes of financial services.

The term Fintech comes from the union of the words Financial + Technology, which means that fintechs are the services that you have surely used to make payments on online platforms and services, for example.

How does such technology facilitate access to financial services?

  • New digital tools
  • New processes 
  • Reduce bureaucracy
  • Practicality for the company and the customer 
  • Reduced costs

Actually, payment services are very well known and very useful for customers and businesses, but fintechs are present in a wide range of services, such as:


They facilitate the buying and selling process. Some use the service of physical card machines and others integrate payments such as credit and debit cards and bank transfers.


With credit fintechs, it is possible to accelerate the credit analysis processes. This makes the financial system easier.


Blockchain fintechs are used as a virtual environment where one can track and approve various transactions, such as cryptocurrency movements.


It helps in the organization of your finances, such as, for example, controlling expenses by cellphone among other management facilities.


It works when it comes to your income. Investment Fintechs use technology for less bureaucratic and more profitable investments.


A fast, easy, and very secure way for making online payments for purchased goods or services. These payments can be bank debit, transfer, credit, debit, or digital wallets. 


Payments integration enables payment automation. It expands the payment possibilities available to merchants that will be made directly in the software.

With all this information, we see that the role of a fintech is extremely important, as they work to make our financial needs easier and more practical. There is greater security and less bureaucracy in the processes when we use the services of a fintech.

As for security when using fintech, a number of rules and regulations must be followed, especially with regard to data protection, so there must be research to find a reliable fintech that is within the norms of the regulatory entities.

According to the demands and advances in technology, the Fintechs that stand out in the market are taking more notoriety and, of course, others are emerging with new solutions and to meet new needs. 


Are you interested in this technology? 

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