Does the product description really convert?

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Product Description

In the ecommerce market, it’s important to be constantly searching for ways to boost sales conversions and for the best strategies to achieve these results. The fact is that although there are some ways to increase this conversion rate, one of them is the product description. But is the product description really a good strategy for conversion in your ecommerce?

In this article, we’ll talk more about this strategy, its benefits, and how it can result in a high conversion rate for your ecommerce.

No matter how big or small your online store is, it’s very important to provide clear, complete, and reliable descriptions of your products. Developing this type of information is a valuable skill that can boost sales, increase customer trust, and make your brand stand out in the competitive marketplace.

What is a product description, and how to create a good one?

A product description is a text presentation that provides as much information as possible about an item that is available for sale on ecommerce. As well as having an impact on increasing conversion, the product description plays a crucial role in communication between the seller and the potential buyer.

For a quality and complete description, it is expected to identify: technical details, benefits and features, instructions for use, a story or narrative, reviews and testimonials.

In addition to all these points that need to be presented in the product description, it is effective to attract customers, have a writing strategy, and analyze some points so that it is an assertive action.

6 Tips to improve your products’ description:

  1. Know your target audience – carrying out market and consumer research to understand the needs of your niche, as well as understanding your customers’ pains and desires, helps you adapt the language and tone of your product description to match the desired profile;
  2. Highlight the benefits – focus beyond the “obvious” characteristics of the product, highlighting the benefits it provides to satisfy curiosity and make the customer realize that they need that product. Remember, although product features are important, to help you convert, highlight the product’s benefits;
  3. Be clear and objective – organize the information, as well as be direct, as a way of making it easier for the consumer to understand and focus on. Someone once said, “Keep it short, and simple” (KISS – Mariano, M. (2023));
  4. Present a narrative – everyone identifies with stories in some way, and in this way, it makes your product memorable;
  5. Creates a sense of urgency: Exclusive campaigns, limited-time offers, countdown timers, indication of the number of products in stock, contribute to FOMO (fear of missing out), speeding up users’ decision-making process. Ex.: “This product is almost out of stock (only 3 units available)”;
  6. Include reviews and testimonials – adding other people’s experiences, and applying your purchase to a real case, is a way of adding value and credibility to your product and your brand.

A well-crafted product description persuades, informs, and generates trust. To improve it, it’s important to remember that in addition to selling, creating long-term relationships is one of the primary objectives of this strategy.

How can a good product description improve your ecommerce?

  • SEO optimization: in product descriptions, it is important to use words that optimize search engines, which improve visibility in searches;
  • Power of persuasion: presenting your product in a desirable, clear and direct way promotes a sense of need on the part of the customer;
  • Trust: since the product description text is compatible with reality, as well as providing additional information, it generates a feeling of trust and credibility;
  • Improving the customer experience: intuitive navigation, fast page loading, simple checkout, are some of the parameters that provide a positive customer experience, increasing the likelihood of purchase. Therefore, ensure that the descriptions are clear, easy to read and answer possible questions;
  • Emotional connection, and brand humanization: relating your products to a good narrative, and using photographs of product use (with images of real people), is essential to creating an emotional bond with your customers.

With all this knowledge improved, it’s time to elevate your ecommerce strategies by applying product descriptions as an ally to increase conversions and build customer loyalty.

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