Black Friday: How to increase sales

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Black Friday: How to increase sales

It’s the time of year that merchants and consumers are waiting for. Black Friday, an opportunity to boost sales, and attract new customers. Due to the large number of sales and the search for good prices, ecommerce traffic increases.

In this article, we’ll talk about how important it is for merchants to be prepared, and implement effective strategies to guarantee a high sales volume on this date.

But why is it important for an ecommerce business to take advantage of Black Friday?

This date presents an important opportunity for merchants to boost their business. Being able to attract new customers, strengthen relationships with current ones, and increase sales is only possible due to the high demand for promotions and great opportunities.

What’s interesting is that discounts are often created not just on the day it takes place (always the last Friday in November), meaning that many brands already take advantage of the whole month of November to increase their sales.

In addition to increasing the number of sales, Black Friday also has a positive impact on your ecommerce.

Positive impact of Black Friday on your ecommerce:

  • Brand promotion: data reveals that organic traffic increases on websites, although investment in paid advertising, publications on social networks, blog articles with partners, popups, newsletters, and other marketing strategies also contribute to greater notoriety of brand;
  • Competitiveness in the market: closely monitoring the competition, consumer and market trends will help you make your business more competitive. As well as the quality of the products, after-sales services, and the speed of the purchasing process;
  • Short-term profit potential: Black Friday offers the possibility of generating profit in a short space of time. Consumers are more likely to make impulsive purchases and take advantage of promotions;
  • Experimenting with new sales strategies: at this point, you can test different forms of sales and promotions, as well as better evaluate what works for your customers and adjust future approaches.

Considering all the benefits of this date for your ecommerce business, know the strategies that allow you to make the most of Black Friday.

11 strategies for your ecommerce on Black Friday:

  1. Planning in advance: having an organization in advance is important so that merchants can define which products will be promoted, establish discounts, and prepare marketing strategies;
  2. Ensure stock: ensuring stock is organized and stocked is important to meet high demand. Making it easier to locate products also speeds up the shipping process;
  3. Start advertising early: although it is a time when there tend to be more advertisements, advertising, promotions, etc., you should not fail to present your value proposition for Black Friday;
  4. Ensures good website performance: improving the speed of loading information (pages, content, images), the ability to respond to peak traffic, and navigation prepared for different devices, are some of the criteria that you should take into account;
  5. Highlighting products: defining which products will be on sale and highlighting them on the site using banners, special tags, and alternative descriptions, attracts more attention from consumers;
  6. Offer discounts: it is important to do market research in order to apply competitive discounts to products. This provides an additional incentive for customers to choose;
  7. Facilitate the checkout process: creating a good shopping experience is a factor that determines the success of ecommerce, especially on Black Friday. Ensuring that the buying process is simple, and quick avoids unnecessary obstacles for customers;
  8. Offer payment options: offering multiple payment methods to match customer preferences is a way of encouraging purchases;
  9. Maintain transparency and trust: especially with regard to prices, purchase conditions and delivery conditions, it helps to convey more credibility to customers;
  10. Have a prepared team: ensuring that all team members are well-trained and aligned with the brand to deal with high demand is extremely important. Having an online store that is efficient in customer service provides a positive experience;
  11. Evaluate the results: analyzing the results before, during, and after Black Friday to identify which strategies worked and which points need to be adjusted is a way to plan for future dates.

You need to take into account your strategies, everything from the speed, and performance of the site on different devices to contingency plans, should any problems occur.

Extra tip: use mental triggers to influence the purchasing decision! Yes, we talk about the need to appeal to:

  • Sense of urgency: “expires in 30 minutes”;
  • Scarcity: limited period to enjoy the campaign, or “only 3 in stock”;
  • Novelty: teaser for “new launch” and insert the “New launch” tag into products or services;
  • Trust: social proof, testimonials, reviews;
  • Authority: case studies, client portfolio.

Finally, you can add a countdown in anticipation of Black Friday, or with the opposite effect, announcing the end of Black Friday.

In summary, this is a valuable date for your ecommerce to stand out in the market and bring in a good percentage of sales. Knowing how to use these strategies is smart planning for a successful Black Friday this year.

Do you think your ecommerce is ready for Black Friday?