Last April 6, 2023, we celebrated together the anniversary of PIPECODES!

Another year and we are very happy to celebrate along, a date that is equally important for everyone.

We gathered our team on a very nice day to be together, exchanging experiences, which works as motivation for our work and personal well-being. Even though we have a distributed team, being physically close together in moments of celebration is even more special.

We participated in an activity in Évora, the headquarters of PIPECODES, and as spring has already brought good weather, we hiked the trail where the Aqueduct of Água da Prata is located, which is the most important hydraulic of the 16th century. It was approximately 7km of trail, with beautiful scenery, and at the end, we shared a snack and drinks.

Group activity

In another year of the company, we can look back and analyze our evolutions, which were from technical trainings, monthly meetings with themes of our daily life, which helped us a lot in relation to our soft skills and even situations for personal life. In addition, we expanded our team and made significant partnerships that allowed us to increase the quality of our services, exchange experiences, and explore new markets.

With all this, we are extremely proud of our work and of our team relationship, which is always based on cooperation, empathy, respect, and a lot of companionships. Of course, it is a great moment to thank all the customers and partners who believed in our work and always motivated us to reach higher flights.

We are ready for another year of great dedication and teamwork!